Letter XXV.

To Noctua Aurita, in the Desert.

I HAVE been expecting a Letter from you every day for this month past, and have felt much at your long silence. Satan has endeavoured to help the matter forward, and has suggested to me what, perhaps, never entered your head. But he is not worth spending any time about; so I will not say any more about him, but proceed to tell my dear friend that, since I wrote you last, I have experienced a sweet gale from the south wind, which, for a time, carried all that was not mortal within the tell, and left me nothing but the poor frail tabernacle here below, and even that felt the effects of it so much that it was hardly able to sustain it. Indeed, my bear brother, I hardly knew, for some time, whether in the body, or out of the body; and, had it been the will of my God, glad should I have been to have taken my eternal flight, and left mortality behind. But I am fully persuaded that it is not to take place yet; because it is given me to believe that it is appointed for me to bear no small part of the burden and heat of the day; and I am to stand in many of the Lord's battles. But, however weak I am, he will teach my hands to war, and my fingers to fight; and I trust that no weapon that is formed against me shall prosper; because I know all my enemies are his enemies. I had, three nights ago, a very particular dream, which I well know came from God, and will, I have no doubt, have its accomplishment; and, as you are one of the parties concerned, I will make bold to trouble you with the relation of it. I dreamed I was standing in an open road; you came up to me, and conversed with me for about a quarter of an hour, when you turned from me and went out of my sight You was no sooner gone, than there came up to me a middle aged woman, very comely in her appearance. She had on a long white robe; site had a soft, smooth, smiling countenance; and very pleasant did she look at me; but I saw the very devil under that robe. I trembled at her appearance till my very joints shook; for I perceived site had very evil designs against me. She minutely surveyed me from head to foot. I therefore took my garments and girded them round me as tight as possibly I could, and stood trembling before her, as I thought her intention was to rob me. I had not stood long before you came to me the second time; which, when she saw, she turned, and went out of my sight. You conversed with me as before, though I do not recollect any thing of the conversation. I secretly wished you not to leave me, as I knew the flatterer was at no great distance; but I did not ask you. You turned and went out of my sight again; and no sooner was you gone, but this woman came lip to me again, but somewhat nearer. I felt the same sensations as before, and, as before, took my garments, and girt them round me with all the strength I had, and stood trembling before her, expecting her to fall on me. I wished for you to come again: but you came no more. This was done three times; and, I believe, in my trembling I awoke. What it all means I must leave to God and future discovery; but sure I am, by the repetitions of the dream, and by my strange feelings under it, that some sore trial awaits me. I know that the church of Rome, and all false churches, as well as the foolish virgins, are called women, and are set forth as very gaudy and gay in their dress, as this woman was; and I believe it is the business and delight of such persons to rob the children of God. But who can take away the garment of imputed righteousness, or lay any thing to the charge of God's elect? My garment I wrapped close round me; and I believe it is faith that puts this robe on, and keeps it close. However, suffer we must; and, "If we suffer with him, we shall also reign with him;" for our consolations are as sure as our sufferings. The Lord promises strength equal to the day; and, if so, I shall stand and withstand. My other three succeeding epistles you told me, drew some secrets front your heart; and, I am sure, they did my soul good; and, as this is the third since yon wrote me, I hope these will do the same again. I saw the herald last night, and he was as well as usual. Hope this will meet you and your family well. Believe me to remain

Your affectionate friend and sister in the Lord Jesus Christ,

The King's Dale.