Epistles of Faith

Letter XLI

William Huntington (1745-1813)


Reverend Sir

UPON hearing you preach, on Wednesday evening, June the, 2d, in Mr. Foster's meeting, if I am not greatly mistaken, I heard you assert, that our Lord Jesus Christ is God, and there is none beside him; a just God and a Saviour, and there is none beside him. But, upon my asserting that you did speak thus, I have been opposed by some who heard the discourse, and who say that you did not so express yourself; nor will they believe me that you meant it so, or that you do believe that he is God and that there is none beside him; and I am called a false witness concerning you in this matter of importance. Therefore I shall be glad, if you think it not too troublesome, that you would give me a line or two upon that subject, to prove that you do so believe, and did expressly assert it; and then you will greatly oblige

Your humble Servant and Well-wisher,

(As far as you go in the truth, and no farther)


Godalming, June 8, 1790.

P.S. I hope you will back your answer to me with portions of holy scripture, for conviction of the truth. I shall be obliged to you, if you will suit it to answer me in a few days on this matter. Farewell.

William Huntington