The Last Will and Testament 

of  William Huntington(1745-1813)

Voluntary Offering

Twelfthly, All my strength, bodily health, and my appointed time, together with those abilities which God hath bestowed on me, as the God of nature; and likewise all the supernatural gifts, such as knowledge, faith, zeal, usefulness, utterance, fear, love, enlargement of heart, &c. which God is the best judge of, and which he hath freely and undeservedly bestowed on me, as the God of grace; as also the joy, peace, happiness, or felicity which he 11ath graciously given me in hope, as the God of glory; I desire with my whole heart to offer the whole of them up entirely to the service of my only master, Christ Jesus the Lord, to be disposed of to the honour of his own name, and the good of his own elect.

And now, O Lord, that heareth prayer, let my petition come before thee, and never suffer my lips to flatter thee, nor my perverse will to tempt thee. If I know any thing of my own heart, I can say, I have no desire after an episcopal see, but only that an effectual door should be opened unto me, l Cor. xvi. 9: Nor will I ever crave the authorizing hand of a spiritual lord, falsely so called, 1 Cor. viii. 6, to be laid upon me; but only that thy hand, thou ever-blessed Shepherd and Bishop of Souls, should be laid upon me; and that not once only, but in every time of need, accompanying it with, "Fear not, I am the first and the last," Rev. i. 17. As for my craving deaconties, deanerles, vicarages, or any other episcopal preferments whatsoever, they never shall be once mentioned in my prayers, as becometh a saint, but only a large field to preach thy gospel in, with that food and raiment, which my heavenly Father knoweth I stand in need of before I ask him, Matt. vi. 8, and with this humbling grace also, to be therewith content, I Tim. vi. 8. As for ecclesiastical titles, or any other carnal dignity, I will never pray for them, but hope to be satisfied with the title of a faithful labourer; nor will I crave any other dignity - than that which thy word allows, namely, that of being thy son by faith, and an heir of thy eternal kingdom.

And suffer me, O Lord, to remind thee of the earnest petitions which I once put up with many tears, in a wood between Petworth and Horsham, in Sussex, and to which thou gavest me an answer of peace. Thou knowest I was moved to put it up, under the melancholy reflection of a certain man, who in persecution and oppression seemed strong in the faith, but in prosperity was fearfully fallen, and has appeared to fall ever since. Thou knowest I earnestly solicited the following blessings of thee, lest I should fall as he did. First, That thou wouldest bless me indeed with thy Spirit's internal testimony, thy supporting hand, and thy soul-comforting presence. Secondly, That thou wouldest make me abundantly useful in my ministry, and fruitful in my life; and bless me with diligence, knowledge, and zeal, to serve my generation while it is called to-day. Thirdly, That thou wouldest keep both my spiritual and temporal portion in thine own hands; but give me a strong faith to draw daily upon thee, as my soul, body, or family might stand in need. Fourthly, That thou wouldest defray my expenses, and the expenses of my family, through this life, so as to shield a liberal mind and a tender conscience, and give me daily an open heart, a bountiful hand, and a noble, generous spirit, as well becomes the gospel, and the preacher of it. And that I might not muzzle thy truth in the pulpit, to shield covetousness, nor pass the sentence of damnation on myself, when I preached against it; lest, while I teach another not to covet, I myself should commit sacrilege, Rom. it. 22. Fifthly and lastly, That thou wouldest enable me, at my dying hour, to commit my soul, my wife, and family, into thy hands, in the fullest assurance of spiritual faith. To all which thou gavest me an answer of peace. So, O Lord, let it stand ratified in the heavens, and in thy own appointed time make it good on earth.

And whatever doctrines thou shalt think meet to reveal in answer to prayer, whether to preach, or to write; whether pleasing to sinners, or displeasing; O Lord, give me grace to preach them, or write them, without being lifted up with the applause of true brethren, or awed by the carnal fear of false ones. If all frown on me, do thou smile; let who will oppose, do thou lead me on; whoever condemns or accuses me, do thou justify; and if the whole world curse me, do thou bless; and under thy blessed wings I shall sing sweetly, and be safe enough from the fear of evil. If thou givest peace, who then can create trouble, whether it be against a nation, or a man only? O Lord, let the hypocrite never reign, lest the souls of the righteous be ensnared. Amen and Amen.

Mercy and truth be with thee, 2 Sam. xv. 2o. And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others, 2 Tim. ii. 2.