I SET off from home last Wednesday, at three o'clock in the afternoon, and slept at Stevenage that night. The next day we reached Downham, in the Isle of Ely, about five in the evening; and on Saturday we came to Littleport, where I preached twice 'yesterday to a very large audience, more than the barn could hold, for some stood without. My congregation seemed very quiet, still, attentive, and devout. I was not in my frame a Boanerges, or son of thunder; neither an herald, to sound an alarm; an inquisitor, to make inquisition for blood; nor a candle, to search out the crimes of Jerusalem; nor was the lowing of the ox, or the roaring of the lion, heard among us. My character and office were those of a son of oil - a son of consolation; for, being comfortable both times myself, I was anointed to the office of one who comforteth the mourners in Zion, of whom there are not a few in their mourning weeds in these parts. One in particular, a farmer's dame, who has long attended, having lately lost, suddenly, an only daughter, has been ever since bowed down greatly, and could by no means lift up herself. She told some of her friends that, although I was come, she could not go out to hear me. However she came; and her crest was once more raised; and she went home confirmed in the assertion of the royal Psalmist, "But thou, O Lord, art a shield for me, my glory, and the lifter up of my head." And a blessed thing it is for the eyes of a downcast sinner to behold the sun. But the scales must drop from the eyes, the yoke of unbelief from the jaws, the shackles from the feet, and the bands from the neck, when the Bridegroom pays the perishing sinner a love visit. The mountains flow down at his presence, when he treads upon the high places of the earth. He is indeed the leader and commander of the Lord's host; and every obstruction gives way, and gives place, to his presence and his power. The Red Sea and the river Jordan; the mountain of Horeb and the valley of death; the ocean of corruption and the cage of devils legions of crimes and clamours of conscience; infidelity's bar and a heart of stone; are all lets in the Saviour's way: - then comes Jesus, the doors being shut, and stands in the midst, with a "Peace be unto you!" And, had we eyes that could see the legions of devils and evils that are dispersed before this proclamation of peace from the Prince of Peace, they would appear to us more numerous than my dame's bees when they swarm. But the word which God sent, "preaching peace by Jesus Christ." let this voice reign and rule in us, and we shall still know for ourselves that he is Lord of all. Farewell.


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