Cricklewood House, Oct. 2, 1800.


YOUR epistle came safe to me, and its simplicity dissolved my heart into gratitude to the Father of all mercies, and the God of all comfort, for his wonderful works to the children of men; of which I have been a strict observer, and to which I have been a living witness, for many years. I bless my benign God and Father for his goodness to thee and thine, and have no doubt but thou wilt see greater things than these; for as thy desires enlarge, so shall thy views extend, even to the boundless expanse of the blessed regions of future felicity: "Where. your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

I have not time at present to give a full answer to your letter; that may be more acceptable at some future period when you are at sea. Next Lord's day I preach, morning and evening, at Providence Chapel; and shall dispense the Lord's supper at three o'clock in the afternoon, and, if you choose to come and hear me, there is a gentleman of the faculty at Woolwich whose name is B. who, with his spouse, are my children in the faith; they are members with us, and seldom miss coming on the Lord's day, especially on the ordinance days: if you make yourself known to them, you might together fill the coach, as there are several Others at Woolwich who belong to us, and seldom fail coming. I shall have no objection to your attending the table with us, if I could see you for about ten minutes after the forenoon service. Mr. B. will inform you of our order. Grace and peace be with thee, and please to tender my best wishes to the captain.

Yours affectionately in Christ Jesus,


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