June 1, 1810.


THE wonderful fruits and effects of poor Mary's death are still to be seen in this world. There is a lady at Boddicot in Oxfordshire, who has been in bondage seventeen years, and most violently tempted; but she had a hope that just before death God would deliver her. My books are read by several persons in that place, and this poor creature in bondage read them too. She got light, support, and encouragement from them, and always said, if I was right she was. When she saw my letter to Mr. C -  which. mentions the sinners' agreement with Christ, and his taking them at their word, she said that was the language of her heart, and had been for a long time; and, having heard of "The Penny a Day" being published, she seemed very impatient to get it, saying she wanted no more entertainment this Christmas than the reading of that book, and felt a firm confidence that it would be blessed to her deliverance: and in reading the latter part of the Sermon she came forth like the Sun in his firmament. This account I wish to publish, as these are the things that go to the heart of that profession which is so abundant, and so much admired in the present day; and you promised to send me your own account. God's fame should be published, and his glory should be declared, among the Gentiles; Isai. lxvi. 19. For wherever God rises and shines, that is his glory, and the glory of God that rises upon us.

As to myself, I am very rheumatic, have "a sad pain in my hip, and much fear at times that I shall be lame, and unable to stand. But this is no hinderance to walking by faith; for faith can travel, trade, go with messages, and on errands, make provision and keep house too, even if we cannot turn in the bed. All our apparel and ornaments are put on by faith; and all our food and physic are brought in by the same hand; whilst all this activity springs from spiritual life, and all life from the Spirit of grace.

Tender my kind love to all friends.

Ever yours,

W. H. S.S.

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