Dec. 3, 1807.

Dear friend; Grace band peace be with the few that escape the corruptions that are in this world.

ON Sunday we were much crowded; the good old provision being not unsavoury, neither out of favour or fashion. Bless God for evermore, there are a few that love the Saviour, and a few whom he dearly loves. By this we know that Christ still reigns, and keeps his throne, and he alone shall fill the judgment seat; and all his enemies shall see it, and pray to the mountains to hide them from the wrath of the Lamb. But in his light we see him, in his strength we stand; and in his life, and by the faith of him, we live. As our physician, we enjoy his saving health; as our atonement, we feel his cleansing; as our prince, we feel his peace; and as our only hope of glory, we watch, wait, long, and expect to see him again, and that without sin, to finish the business of our salvation. All this is Christ in us; and, as sure as God made the world, the reverse of this is Satan in them, the evident token of perdition. And it is surprising, but even in the very centre of the law these two classes are couched; "visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me and shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandment," which is faith that worketh by love. And here we can never love in vain, nor be left to smoke in jealousy as injured lovers. "I love them that love me, and they that seek me early shall find me."

My love to your spouse, sister in law, and all the holy and beloved brethren.

Ever yours,

W. H. S. S.

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