Nov. 23, 1800.


I RECEIVED thine epistle, and am glad of the good tidings. The breakers are gone up before thee: the Lord has begun to break thy yoke, and to burst thy bonds; he cuts asunder the gates of brass, and breaks the bars of iron, and says "to the prisoners, Go forth; and to them that sit in darkness, Shew yourselves. They shall feed in the ways, and their pastures shall be in all high places," Isai. xlix. 9. Now, if you follow on to know the Lord, you shall know his goings forth to be from of old, from everlasting; and surely he will come unto thee as the early and latter rain, and make thy soul like a watered garden; so that righteousness, peace, and praise, shall spring up, like a glorious crop for God; then will the beloved come into his garden, and eat his pleasant fruits; his love will make thine heart a flagon of wine, and every promise applied will be an apple of gold in a picture of silver. Then thou shalt suck of the breasts of consolation, bless the heavenly cheer, and grow up like a calf in the stall.

Be much in private prayer to God; and often withdraw thyself to read and meditate; he that prays in secret shall be rewarded openly. This is the life and soul of real religion; this is communion and fellowship with the Lord, and our court visits to him; and surely the soul that is diligent in it shall be made fat. The day star is most certainly risen in thine heart, and thy path will shine more and more; and, though the Lord sometimes spreads a cloud upon his throne, and brings the soul under an eclipse, yet the day-spring will visit thee again, and guide thy feet into the way of peace; for the Lord is our everlasting light, our God and our glory, and surely our sun shall no more go down. Be a good girl, and mind your books; I mean the Bible and conscience; and, perhaps the Lord may give you another penny when I see you again: our pay is a penny a day.

Tender my kind love to your brother and sister. Adieu!

Yours affectionately,

W. H. S. S.

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