Nov. 26, 1807.

Venerable and revered Mother, the son of thy vows sendeth greeting, with perfect peace through Jesus Christ.

WE were favoured with a fine day and a prosperous journey on our return, through the goodness of God; and found all well at home, blessed
be his name, who hears and answers prayer. In health I am purely, and free from cold, through the tender mercy of the Lord, which is what I prayed for, as the harvest is great and the labourers are few. I often think of David's words, and have taken great encouragement from them, "I will cry unto God most high; unto God that performeth all things for me," Psalm lvii. 2. And I am sure that he performs all things for me, for I carry all my complaints and wants to him; nor does he reprove or rebuke me for it. The sparrow, the lily, and the hairs of our head, are not out of his care, nor beneath his notice; much less the wants, griefs, complaints, and concerns of his dearly beloved and dear bought children. He has an ear to their cry, a bottle for their tears, bowels for their griefs, and a hand for their help. And let nothing deter my old mother from frequenting his throne, and paying her constant visits there.

The caul of thy heart is rent, the vail is opened and removed, the evil and plague of thy heart are not hidden from thee; and, although unbelief is the bar that bolts the heart up against Christ, yet there has been at times a little myrrh upon the handles of that lock, which has made it give way or fly back; the Beloved has put in his hand (of power) by the hole of that door, and thy bowels have been moved for him, as the spouse expresses herself. And when once truth begins to enter it will grow and prevail; it will disturb Satan's nest, and make him relinquish the fort royal; nor will he ever regain it; for, if truth enters, equity will enter also, and conscience, once enlightened, informed, instructed, and furnished with power by the Spirit, will act for Christ; the work will go rapidly on, and Christ will never give up the contest till he gains the heart. We are his, purchased with a price, his own portion and inheritance, and he will lose no part of it.

Kind love to Tom, Bet, and Fan; and accept the same from one who is better to thee than ten other sons.


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