January 6, 1813.


YOUR son returning, I send you a scrap; but my hand shakes so much, that I have hard work at times to scribble at all. I thank you for the presents you sent to unworthy me. Many of our flock are sick, though not unto death, but for the glory of God. I am now very feeble and old, and yet "bring forth fruit in old age, to show that the Lord is upright." In Christ is all our fruit found; and by virtue of an union with him grace is communicated to us, and by us it buds, blossoms, and brings forth fruit in the world, to the glory and praise of God, who is the grand source from whom all good flows. Cleave close to the Head of influence, for without him we can do nothing, being a dead, dry, barren composition of all evil.

Happy they who stand by faith in the Lord's strength, that exists in his life, that shine in his light, girded with his truth, clothed with his robe, speaking' with his mouth, engaged in his warfare, and walking with him in peace and equity. The Papists are now making their greatest, and I believe last struggle, in which the professing world will be tried. The outward court of the established church will be given them, and then the power of the holy people must be scattered. Arminians, letter-men, and hypocritical professors, may and will escape Zion's furnace, but not the eternal furnace of fire; for "all shall worship him whose names are not written in the Lamb's book of life:" - that is their trap. This present war, the saints' trial, the beast's struggle, the revolution of France, the triumphs of the beast, his ruin, and the resurrection of Zion, are all in the eleventh chapter of the Revelation.

My love to dame, and to all that love us in our reverend and revered Saviour.


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