Sept. 12, 1800.

Dear Friend in the Lord Jesus,

I RECEIVED your kind letter, and thank you for it. When God brings a prodigal to himself, and sets him down at his own feet, clothed and in his right mind, such an one will not sit down in the highest seat before the Prince of peace, but take the lowest room. He will not arrogate all wisdom to himself, but become a fool, that he may be wise. L. certainly outruns us all; but it is the last that are first in God's account, and he that humbles himself as a little child is greatest in the kingdom of God. He that thinks he knows any thing, knows nothing as he ought to know; nor shall he ever have the approbation or testimony of God with him, till he can learn to esteem others better than himself. These are God's characteristics of a true disciple of Jesus, and these shall stand fast when the great and wise man shall (with shame) take the lowest room.

I have been arraigned and condemned by many of those who are inflamed with zeal through pride and envy, and blinded by Satan; but it has had so little effect upon me, that I am ready to say, with David, "Let them all curse, but bless thou." G. and S. both levelled at me in public, and gave out that they were the only two witnesses upon earth; but God. kept me bearing my testimony when both these went mad. It is not he who commends himself, but whom the Lord commends.

I am now busy, and next week expect some friends from Sussex. Afterwards I will, if God permit, visit Grantham. Though I dare not promise, lest I should. not be able to perform. I have this day received an epistle from the little woman at Leicester, which I intend to answer. Give my kind love to your spouse, and to Betsey, James, and all friends. Faith and patience, prayer and watchfulness, be with thee.

So prays the chief of all sinners, and least of all saints,

W. H. S. S.

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