Ely, May 12, 1803.


I AM now up early, and it is a fine morning and very pleasant. I have preached three times to a very crowded assembly, and the good Lord has been with me, which is proclaimed aloud to me by the countenances of the people. Some weep, some smile, some wonder, some appear to long, and others seem to embrace what they hear. And these are the outgoings of God from heart to heart, from mind to mind, from love to love, and from light to light. When I had done my Sunday morning's discourse, I concluded by saying, "I am very glad to see you again;" which seemed to win their hearts, and their very eyes blessed me. The ties, the bonds, and the union of kindred souls, are soon discovered, if there be no talk to each other, and though there be no shaking of hands. But I shall long to be at home ere my work is done in these parts; though I find the Lord's presence is the soul's home, be where it may. He is the rest and resting-place, the strong tower and house of defence, and the soul's sure dwelling; where it finds its food and physic; its best apparel, and sweetest ornaments; its only repose, and its fullest satisfaction; its greatest wealth and choicest treasure; for "Christ is all in all:" and this thou knowest, and so does the Coalheaver, for we are one in him. When it is well with thee, remember me, that my bow may not return empty, but that I may have my quiver full of them who shall speak with their enemies in the gate.

God bless thee!

W. H. S. S.

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