Dec. 4, 1810.

Dear Friend in the Lord Jesus,

IT has been my intention to publish some of our poor friend Jenkin's letters to me, and some of mine to him, together with the sermon; and to give the prophets to his little niece Winifred, who is at school with your daughter. I sent a letter to you, requesting your attendance at times on Mr. J., your observations of God's dealing with him, and of the different frames he appeared in (with which you kindly complied); as I wished to know if my judgment of him, and of the work on him, was just, or whether I had been duped by the devil. What made me desire this was, it had been circulated abroad in many parts that our friend was in despair, and without hope. Who reported this I know not; but I think they belied the Holy Ghost, whoever they are. But to the point.

The letter to you, in which I made the above request, I have no copy of, and my work will not appear straight without it. Will you be so kind then as to put that fragment in a cover, and send it to me. I have, in your answer to it, the account of your visit with Mr. H.; but this will appear strange without mine preceding it.

Our poor pious king continues ill: he has been a nursing father to Zion, and I know of no other king that is so in all the world. And it is a satisfaction to me that I have not been suffered to rebel against him, nor the rulers under him. What hangs over our head is not as yet made known, but the beast will struggle hard: his time, however, is short, and his master knows this. The wo is to the inhabitants of the earth (not of Zion), for the devil is coming down to them in great wrath, because he knows that he hath but a short time, Rev. xii. 12. And God says the beast shall come to his end, and none shall help him, Dan. xi. 4, 5. And I believe in my heart that Antichrist hath not fifty-five years to reign. I am diving into these things, and getting all the information I can about them. The good Lord keep us by his power, and permit, encourage, and so indulge us, that we may cleave to and abide in him, and make him our refuge, and our sole and whole delight! and his presence shall abide with them who abide in his service. Tender my love to dame and the family, and to Mr. H.

Yours in Christ,

most respectfully,

W.H. S.S.

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