May 27, 1809.

I am coming to congratulate my friend upon his exit out of this world, because he has had no bands nor pains in this death; his strength has been firm, his children are not fatherless, nor his wife a widow; nor is he taken from the evil to come, although he is dead. I die daily; but it is to sin, to self, and to the world. Yet this is only when I am under the smarting rod; and when it is first taken off I am quiet, meek lowly, humble, submissive peaceful and grateful; but, when this dew is dried up, then I gel into ease, which is the resurrection of the flesh, the world, and self; then I pray to be quickened, stirred up, and revived. These prayers are answered by terrible things, in gall and, wormwood; in searching of heart and trying of the reins; and fresh life lies at the bottom of these, if we can believe the king of Judah - "O Lord, by these things men live, and in all these things is the life of my spirit." And I do believe that the death of the old man enlivens the new; that the old man is put off by the new man being put on; that sin is mortified by comfort under the Spirit's influence; and that self is denied when the Saviour is embraced. Faith, hope, and love, at times seem to be lost and buried in the workings of the whole mass of corruption; but, when the stirrings of these subside, and their stinking savour abates; when the hurry and bustle appear to be hushed into a calm; then all our good old friends - faith; hope, love, meekness, humility, peace, and submission, appear again; and glad I am at my soul to see. them once more; for, as the Lord God of hosts liveth, except these abide in the ship we cannot be saved.

These are the salt that seasons all; this is the oil that swims upon the top; these are the incorruptible seeds that counteract corruption and they are the kingdom of God, that under mine the empire of Satan, and the little soldiers that war with the flesh; , in every storm, in every furnace, in every conflict, I keep my eye upon these little strangers: and, if one of them be missing, I am like Joseph and Mary when the child Jesus tarried behind. For I know that there is no carrying on the war without these holy troops. Christ is a shield to faith and a helmet to hope, and love makes us more than conquerors; for "whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world," and nothing else ever can. These little warriors are God's host, yea, God's army. And every saint is a company of two armies - The fruits of the Spirit against the fruits of the flesh and these are contrary the one to the other. But every grace is royal and loyal, and in alliance with God. They come down from the Father of lights to us, and return in us to the Father of lights again. They are born from above, of heavenly extraction; are incorruptible, and of eternal duration. Over these is the Captain of our salvation, and next him the Holy Spirit mustering the host of the battle, marshalling the troops, leading them on, bringing them off, and giving much joy on the victory. Ever yours,


Jenkins would like to see this.

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