Jan. 1, 1807.


ONE appellation given to the church is that of an army with banners; and, when faith is at work and united prayers are ascending, it is more than all the forces of Persia, Rome, or Greece. How often have I seen the spirit of Satan chased out of all the company of the saints, and out of all their prayers, hearts and affections, when the. tares, the children of the wicked one, have been sown among the wheat; which have sometimes appeared in disaffection, sometimes in pride, dissension, discord, contention, scorn, heresy, sloth, or slumbering, or dead sleep. Two or three, getting together in prayer, have pursued, chased, driven and beaten Satan out of all his coverts, till he has been obliged to quit the regions of consecration, and all the borders of holy ground, and his adherents with him; insomuch that not one of his seed has ever appeared among us again; but, being discovered and cast forth. as a branch they have withered away; and men, wicked men gather them into their company, which dries them up, and makes them fit fuel for Tophet. Isaiah xxx. 33.

The sleepy devil came on me first at Ewell, when I had scarcely any flesh on my bones; and, not suspecting to find the devil administering opium and rocking the cradle, I strove, bowed, cried and prayed - but all in vain; the moment I bowed my knees, or took a book, I was in a sound sleep. When I wanted, in the morning, to be up at prayer, and to work, down I was lulled, and all the senses I had were locked up, and all life and motion were gone; and at this I laboured till I was all but mad. To remedy it, I went to bed at six in the evening; but twelve hours rest afforded me not the least satisfaction. At length I suspected something infernal, and prayed accordingly; when eventually I gained a little ground, for which I thanked God and took courage; and soon after put to flight the devil, and all the sleepy, drowsy, slumbering army of these aliens. Next came the same complaint from a poor man, who had in like manner been invaded. We went the same way to work; when Satan's abode there being soon discovered, and he routed, he went to one or two more. And not long since he attacked L. S. but could not get himself confirmed in his lodgings. Since that he has fled to and seized Mrs. M. and gained such ground as to lull her to sleep on her knees by the bed-side, till in the morning she has been almost frozen; and there he kept his ground for nine or ten months, but is now routed from thence; and I know that neither the king of pride, nor the prince of hell, can ever stand before the indwelling of the Holy Ghost in us, and the intercession of our High-priest in the holy of holies, eternal in the heavens: and this is evangelical, sound, and divine speech, which cannot be condemned.

I wish you to build the vault, if not offensive to the flock, and as close to his Excellency as may be; for one house is better well filled than two spoiled; and, as devils are plagues to others, they do best together. My kind, sincere, hearty and Christmas love to Dame, and accept the same yourself from the


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