My Dear Brother in Christ Jesus,

I wish grace, mercy and peace to be with thee. Am glad to find that you are a friend, and that you stick close to my brother Jenkins now, while he is in the furnace of affliction, when most men stand aloof from the complaints of God's elect, who sooner or later are brought to cry day and night unto God. Jenkins is now in Jehovah's own school, which exceeds not only the college in Wales, but all the colleges in the nation. God is speaking to him in the secret place of thunder; and by and by he will speak to him by his Son. He is now going through the same lessons that the Lord taught me; and I know that God will bring him out in due time; and, whenever that happy period arrives, I think you will have one of the brightest lights in the nation; yea, a burning and a shining light. I advise you to stick close to him; to strengthen his hands, and to encourage him, and tell him to go on, just as God leads him, without regarding the faces of men; that when God brings him out you may reap the benefits of it in your own soul; for God says, "I will restore comforts to him, and to his mourners" that is, God will comfort him, and all that stick to him, sympathize and condole with him, and bemoan him; they shall all share in the comforts together, so well pleased is God with those who abide by his children when they are in afflictions: for the want of this, God rebuked Job's three friends; nor would he heal them without a sacrifice for their sin, and the interceding prayers of Job. Whenever God proclaims liberty to him, you will be blessed with an able minister of the Spirit, and of the New Testament; one that is truly taught of God, and commissioned by him; and I trust your soul, and hundreds more, will share in the benefits of his happy deliverance, by being partakers of his grace. That this may be thy future joy and happiness, is the prayer of, dear brother, yours in the Lord Jesus Christ,


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