Dearly beloved in the Lord,

I WAS, and still am, grieved to see you so ill as you are, attending to that shop; you really hasten your own end,. and deprive yourself of a little wholesome air, which in your state is so much needed. I have now a comfortable bed and a good room, entirely at your service; and there is no want of any thing, nor any creature in the way to make you uneasy: all love you, and you know it. It is my earnest desire, and lady S's. that you would write to N. and let him come and weigh, and take back your goods; as you will want nothing here but your wearing apparel. Here is drawer upon drawer for all your clothes. We have a cart at your command to bring any thing away; and a coach at your service, for you and Peg; and plenty of money.

I have no doubt but the adversary is busy enough with carnal reason, but strength shall be equal to thy day; for God is not unrighteous, to forget your work and labour of love which you have shewn to his name, in that you have ministered to his saints and do minister, Heb. vi. 10. "Whosoever receiveth whomsoever I send receiveth me, and him that sent me." And he that receiveth a prophet, a righteous man, or a believer in Christ, he shall receive a prophet's reward, and a righteous man's reward. This comes from the God of truth, the lips of truth, the Lord Jesus Christ himself. And let no man or devil beguile you of this reward, for you have received me into your faith, heart, conscience, and affections; and I know that Christ sent me, and you believe this, and received me as such, and therefore did receive him also. Moreover "He that loveth another hath fulfilled the law: and he that loveth his brother abideth in the light, and there is none occasion of stumbling in him, for we know that we are passed from death to life because we love the brethren;" and "by this," says the Son of God, "shall all men know ye are my disciples if ye have love one to another."

I know that you love me, and God knows I love you. It is true we are poor, worthless, sinful wretches, and have cause daily to loathe ourselves on the account of the evils that are in us; but no self loathing is to rob us or deprive us of the comforts of faith, nor of the comforts of hope in a Saviour, for he came to save sinners, yea the chief of sinners, nor will he take notice of any other. He leaves the self-righteous to swell, to boast, and to banter, till pride becomes their ruin; "I came not to call the righteous."

And now, my dear James, as God has prepared a way for you, and provided a room for your reception; a plaid gown, night caps, three great arm chairs, and a dutiful and an affectionate son to receive you; and a coach at your service to go to chapel; do come, .and bring the second with you: it is my wish. God bless you! my love to the second.

Ever yours in Christ Jesus the Lord!

S. S.

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