May 27, 1806.

The Heir at Law to his aged and benign Parents sendeth greeting, with perfect peace, and at such a time.

I WAS glad to hear by Lady S. that poor James is better. Life and death are now in the hand of our Lord. He has conquered both death and the grave, and we are in union with the resurrection and the life. His righteousness is our breastplate, through which the devil's darts cannot penetrate; through which the curse of the law cannot enter; and against which death's attacks can make no impression. The soul is alive for evermore; hope is its anchor, and God its shield; truth is its girdle, and peace its ammunition shoes; the Spirit is its possessor, and Christ its owner; and he will never lose his right, nor give up his charge. "He that believes shall -never die; on such the second death hath no power." The body, the clog, the burden, the body of death, the weakest part, shall go to the wall; and this is all the devil can boast of with respect to the saints. These shall be raised again, and then the devil, the king of darkness and of pride, the famous god of this world, shall be judged by the saints, and we shall accuse and condemn him that has so often accused and condemned us; and shall take them captive whose captives we were, and rule over our oppressors. Then shall the poor despised flocks of Christ be terrible as an army with banners. All these things we have got in hope, and hope is steadfast; and what we have in hope, we shall soon have in hand; for "faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Every heavenly smile, every enlargement, every indulgence, every comfort, every promise, every deliverance, all succour, and all support, are so many pledges, earnests, foretastes, and first-fruits of the future and blessed inheritance; and our Lord will give us a few tastes of these, just to let us know that our Redeemer liveth, and that we are not forgotten of him. But the new and good wine must be kept till the last, when we shall drink so as to forget our poverty, and remember our misery no more for ever. Farewell; grace, mercy, and peace be with you!

so prays

The Doctor.

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