May 5, 1306.

Dearly Beloved in the Lord,

I AM now with friend L. and the Welsh Ambassador is with me. I preached at Otford on Monday and Tuesday; at Cranbrook Thursday and Friday; and Mr. Jenkins came to me last night, being Friday evening. I have been well attended; the first two days the weather was cold and very unfavourable, but now it is warm, showery, and blessed growing weather. I have found the people at Cranbrook cold and rather dead. Nor have I been very lively myself, having been but little alone. The life and soul of real religion lies in being alone with God, and in seeking his blessed face by humble prayer: the little cabin, and my own bed chamber at Cricklewood, are the two favourite and consecrated spots for this business. Seek his face, my dear friends, and let no reproofs, no rebukes, no chastisements, no crosses, no discouragements, damp your spirits at this; remember, the rod of God is not upon the wicked; it is those whom God loves that he chastens; chastisements are the lot of sons, not of servants. God bless you I do not, I cannot forget you in my poor prayers.

Ever yours in Christ Jesus,


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