Newark upon Trent,1 July, 1802.

Dearly Beloved in the Lord,

I HAVE preached three times in this place, and am to preach here this night also, being Tuesday. I have received first a letter, and then two messengers, to invite me to Gainsborough, but I would not comply. I am to go tomorrow to preach at a place called Redford, twenty miles below this place. I did then intend to steer my course for York, and for Helmsley Blackmoor, which is beyond York. But this is all frustrated by many pressing invitations to Nottingham, and to the regions beyond that.

You would stand astonished to see the troops from all quarters that come to hear; not flying troops, but principally invalids: the poor, buffeted, tempted and tried, these come by shoals from all quarters, and some upwards of thirty miles. I stand astonished to see how God has blessed my books, and how many are alarmed, awakened, undeceived, and enlightened by them. My Lady's connection and her preachers send forth a very stinking savour in these parts; and many of her chapels, so called, are. in the hands of the people. Several dry Baptist congregations are alarmed, divided, separating, and coming out from among them, being undeceived by my books; and I do believe if the Lord was to make me a bishop at large, that I should preach and be followed throughout the nation. God has been so kind as to stand by me, and support and furnish me every time that I have stood up; and to see how they flock and hear would surprise you; the Lord gives me a good dowry.

The corn, all the way that I came, of every kind, is the finest I ever saw. It has been very showery here for these three days past. Old Mr. T. made me a present of twenty pounds to bear my expenses. The poor souls here have collected ten, and intend to get more; but I told them I would take nothing from them, they are so very poor; at which they were not a little surprised. Tender many thanks to the great one, for sending me my book of peculiar treasure. The Lord reward all her kindnesses to me, for in how many things she has administered to me thou knowest very well; she has been a succourer of me and of many. Forget her, and the old half-way house, I cannot, and hope I never shall. My soul is on the wing at the work, believing that it will be the most successful and advantageous of any journey I ever took. All that are here once hated me; but God makes my enemies stink who have preached against me, and me a sweet savour. Tell Lady M. to give her son Bill two guineas, as from me, and I will, if God permit, repay: it is for the India handkerchiefs. Dear souls, adieu! But no more doctor in the cabin till the pay, the bounty, and the prize money are spent. Shall follow this with my prayers, and remain

Ever yours in Him,

W. H. S. S.

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