The Cabin, 1806.

Brother in Christ, and companion in travel,

THE flesh has given way to the spirit; carnal reason is debased by divine inspiration; infidelity is skulked into corners; while faith ascends and descends the heart is eased of its burden and by going in and out, and finding pasture, begins to swell with better treasure. The despicable Coalheaver says that faith has prevailed! No devil, or devil's imp, shall ever stand before the supplications of God's benign Spirit; nothing infernal shall ever face, confront, or frustrate the all-prevailing intercession of the darling of heaven. Satan's agent shoots in secret, and so can the saint; and the latter is by far the best archer. Our bow abides in strength; and there is a flaming shaft shot into the soul of that wriggling serpent, which nothing shall ever eradicate or cure but the balm of Gilead; nor shall he ever procure that balm, unless he come and worship at the foot of Christ's beloved servant, and embrace with the most cordial affection the honourable and devout assembly which he impiously styles "a mob." Ever yours and friend M's.

Signed by one undeservedly beloved of God in Christ; and in echo and reflection a lover of God.

W. H. S. S.

"The righteous shall see their fall. Hallelujah."

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