Grantham, July 26, 1797.

My dear Friend in Christ Jesus,

I AM arrived safe, and was three times engaged yesterday in attacking, storming, and besieging this place, but have not as yet reduced it to the royal standard. We have attempted to plant the tree of liberty and the tree of life, but the tree of knowledge of. good and evil seems to be most in favour, as being a tree to be desired to make men wise in their own conceit. In my road I preached twice at Biggleswade, and in a barn at Potten. Some few seem to understand me, but to some I spoke parables, to others Greek; for they do not appear to have been used to any distinction in sounds, so that it cannot be expected that they should know what is piped or harped. Many poor wounded souls we meet with, but truly there is a famine in the land: many shepherds and pastors, falsely so called, who carry good corporations; they feed themselves, but keep a miserable larder for those who feed them. However, God hath anointed and appointed thy servant to feed the flock, while bountiful Providence feeds me. I see more and more the value of an everlasting gospel, and the insufficiency of a form of sound words, without the power of God to humble, to support, to keep, to comfort, and to rule and govern the soul. Head notions make no encroachments on the territories of Satan; and as he sustains no loss he raises no opposition. At Grantham there is some stir; Satan is not dead here. On Wednesday I am bound for Leicester; and after that my face will be set for Mount Gilead, Mizpah, and the watch tower. Tender my love to the sleepy partner, the white serjeant, the boatswain; to Mr. and Mrs. M. Mr. B. &c. God bless you.


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