From the King's Dale - between the apple tree  and the weeping willow, October 3, 1792.


I WISH grace, mercy, and peace, to be with thee and thine, through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am come to the following resolution; that is, if the oil remain in the cruse; if the dew remain on my branch; if the candle of the Lord shine bright on my head; if the water remain in the well; and if the rain abide in the clouds; if any manna be left in the pot, or meal left in the barrel; if any visitation preserve my spirit, and if my glory be fresh in me; if health and strength admit, and Providence approve; unless Free-will should be lame in both her feet, unless Diligence should be gone to Dalmatia, and Zeal be left at Melitum sick; unless Love should be seized with an ague; Faith should be languid, and only Hope remain with me; I do intend to preach at Uxbridge on Tuesday the 9th of October; at Wycombe the 10th and 11th, of this instant. Hope you will inform them of Uxbridge in time, as I have informed them of Wycombe. If you accompany me, I hope you will take the books with you, and especially the parchments. The cloak you may leave at my uncle's; take Mark and the evidence, and bring them with you, for they are profitable to me for the ministry; Zenas the lawyer you may send to the Temple, for he is turned aside to vain jangling; Diabolus and Infidelity have greatly withstood our words; the Lord reward them! Alexander the coppersmith doth me much wrong; he is nothing but a noise; he is sounding brass and tinkling cymbal, but without life. Arminius creeps into houses and leads captive silly women, ever learning, but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Arius has overthrown the faith of many, and Moses's disciples are all turned away from me. Farewell, Tommy; ever thine,


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