Sept. 12, 1796.

Dear Father in Christ Jesus, the sinner's only and everlasting friend; Grace and peace be multiplied unto thee, through the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

I WAS agreeably surprised last night, after I had finished my evening's discourse, to see my old friend Tommy come into the vestry; he seemed very lively, and told me that he had been favoured with a blessed opportunity under the word: my text was Isaiah xliv. 3. We were indulged yesterday with a few of the scouting party, who came to see the nakedness of the land; but, to their great grief, they saw but very little spare ground; their faces looked like flames, and, if possible, the devil looked through their eyes; but, though they are offended, we burn not; for they saw us very happy in the Lord's house of prayer: but this added to their vexation; they were wroth, and their countenance was fallen; and they will soon cry out, "My leanness, my leanness, woe unto me" Their souls were full, and they loathed the honeycomb; but the time will come when every bitter thing will be sweet; yea, the reproofs and rebukes of God will be esteemed better than carnal security, or hardness of heart. We seem at present to be sweetly united and in harmony, and very happy; I have taken forth the vile from the precious, and such God says shall be as his mouth.

Friend B. was with us yesterday morning; the reason of this is, because there was a collection sermon preached in the city; but the Judge was absent in the evening because there was no collecting. The young cubs bear the burden, the old foxes play in and out, and run the way of the wind. But my God is not mocked. Tender my love to dame, to Mrs. B. and to the young woman, and accept the same from your affectionate friend and servant in Christ, and for his sake,


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