July 4, 1793.

Dear Brother in Christ Jesus,

MAKE bold to inform you that I am ten thousand times, better than I ever expected to be again in this world. I really did expect to have gone stooping, or, like Jacob, halting to my grave; but, blessed be God, I go upright, though limping a little. A report was soon spread that I was thrown from my horse and killed upon the spot pt Hyde Park Corner: had this been true, it would have been with many as it was at the completion of the second temple; some would have wept, and some rejoiced: so that it would have been hard to tell which would have been loudest, the voice of weeping, or the voice of joy. However, I preached to them last Lord's day, that the various reports might spread no further; though it was with some difficulty that I crawled to the Chapel: one knee and leg remain swelled, weak, and painful; but all the other infected parts mend apace. I hope the Lord will restore the strength of that limb till my race is run; and, blessed be God, the covenant of grace furnishes us with a good and skilful physician; to his care I commit you and yours, and remain, dear sir, yours to serve,


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