Church Street, Paddington, Feb. 12, 1793.

Dear Brother in Christ Jesus,

Grace, mercy, and peace be with thee, from Him which is, which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

I PROPOSE preaching at Uxbridge tomorrow se'nuight, being Wednesday the 20th of this inst. in the Ember week, if God permit, and you think proper to make it known. And I hope the Master of assemblies will be there, for the words of the wise are as nails and as goads fastened by the Master himself, which are all given from one shepherd. We know that wisdom has spread her tables, killed her beasts, mingled her wine, and sent forth her maidens; but we want her good company, to bid her guests, and make them welcome: it is her presence that turns the water into wine, and makes it go down so sweetly as to cause the lips of those that are asleep to speak. What! think you that he will not come to the feast? I trust he will, and say, "Eat, O friends; drink, yea drink abundantly, O beloved" The Lord give us a spiritual appetite, and keep us poor and needy, and hungering and thirsting; and he has promised that he will make the poor rich in faith, and fill the hungry with good things.

Last Lord's Day morning we had his blessed presence indeed; the Master made them welcome, and I waited on the company; and last night we had a sweet repast, both the lamb and the fatted calf; the bitter herbs come next, and the waters of Marah after that. Nevertheless, in the day of prosperity be joyful, in the day of adversity consider; God has set the one against the other: the former is the banquet, the latter creates the appetite.

I saw Tommy and his dame last night; they are pretty well. I shall come Mr. M. over you; that is, bring one of my daughters, not only for the sake of your good table, but for the sake of a little air: she has not been very well. My respects to the mistress of the house, to the daughter also; and accept the same from your willing servitor,


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