William Huntington (1745-1813)

The Life of William Huntington

The Coalheaver's Confession

Philpot on Huntington

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The Works Of William Huntington

The 1811 edition (20 Volumes)
  The Posthumous Volumes
  Letters of Mr. Huntington    

William Huntington Sermons and Writings

1 And Not by Faith Only the Unanimity of Paul and James
2 Excerpts From "The Believer's Rule Of Life"
3 Napthali, or, Holy Wrestling
4 Our Earthly Tabernacle
5 Particular Election
6 The Apartment's Equipage, and Parade of Immanuel
7 The Colour of the Fields, and their Fitness for the Sickle
8 The Excellencies of the Bible
9 The Heavenly Work Folks, and their Mystic Pay
10 The Lord our Righteousness
11 Zion's Gates and Pleasant Fruits

Reviews of Writings

R1 Recollections of the late William Huntington
R2 Epistles of Faith
R3 God the Guardian of the Poor, and The Bank of Faith.